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TIBCO BusinessWorks | BW Interview Question & Answers

1) In web service in how many ways can we create connections? Ans : In two ways we can create connections in web service HTTP and JMS. ...


Difference between Max jobs and Flow Limit and Thread Count

The below diagram from Tibco documentation gives good overview of concepts like Max jobs, Flow Limit, Thread Count, Activation Limit etc. ...


TIBCO ActiveMatrix BW Key Concepts

The concepts map provides an summary of the key concepts that you may encounter when working by the product. Some of these concepts are ap...


TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks 6.x Overview

TIBCO ActiveMatrix Business Works  is an integration product suite for enterprise, web, as well as mobile applications. The software all...


TIBCO BusinessWorks FAQ'S (Part 2)

1. What actions are supported in XA Transaction ? Ans : The XA Transaction type allows: •            JDBC activities •           ...


Difference among RPC and Document Style - WebServices WSDL

RPC and document style in WSDL are the two most widely used terms in reference to Web services and SOAP protocol. Performance...


Difference among Inter Process Communication and main process & sub process Communication (using called and calling)

When you excute a "Call Process" task, you just perform another process in the same engine and thread, and wait for its comp...

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